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„If you treat your body well,
the soul likes to live in it.“

(Teresa von Avila)

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break, leave everyday life behind for some time, regain new strength and soak up fresh energy.

Massages relieve tension, enhance blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and relax the muscles. Barbara will take care of your well-being. She is a trained Vital Masseur, Prana practitioner and herbalist. She offers a variety of massages, for which she uses the self-made herbal oil.

Massage Duration
Full Body Massage 60min
Full Body Massage (biocybernetics, full body massage, singing bowls) 80min
Back Massage 30min
Back Massage (release blockages through the feet, back massage) 50min
Foot Reflex Massage 50min
Massages with Herbal Stamps 50min
Resonance Back Massage (hot roll, back massage, cupping, singing bowl) 50min

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